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Here at Kings North Auto's, we are always available to provide you with a top notch service. You can contact Kings North Auto's, for what ever may be your query. All you need to do is to fill in the below form and submit. You can also call us at the provided contact numbers, We will soon call you back. You can always visit us at Kings North Auto's, Building 85, Kingsnorth Ind Est, Hoo, Rochester, ME3 9ND.

Why you should contact Kings North Auto’s now:

At Kings North Auto’s we don’t only provide you with accident repair services, we actually provide you solution for all your car problems. We offer our expertise in the following services:

Accident repairs:

From Small Bumps to Full Car restoration our Accident Repair Shop offers it all. You just have to contact Kings North Auto’s and describe what you need done and we will provide you the best quote for your car accident repair.

Paint Work:

Do you need a small part of your car to get paint without damaging the other portion, or you need a complete Car Paint work or complete resprays, what ever are your requirements, you have come to right place. Just Contact Us and we will be happy to provide with the best services for your car Paint work.

Mechanical Work:

Every Car new or old needs to be maintained in terms of Body works as well as Mechanical Works. We have an experienced team for all types of mechanical works or repairs. From diagnostics to problem solving we provide complete solution under one roof for your car mechanical works.

Alloy Wheel repairs:

If уоu’vе invested in a set оf alloy whееlѕ for уоur саr, the сhаnсеѕ аrе that уоu’ll wаnt to kеер them in excellent соnditiоn, helping tо mаintаin thе look аnd rеѕiduаl value оf уоur motor. Unfоrtunаtеlу, accidents do hарреn, аnd ѕсuffеd аnd kerbed аllоу whееlѕ аrе an аll tоо соmmоn оссurrеnсе. Contact Kings North Auto’s now if you need your Alloy Wheels repaint, repair or a complete Alloy wheel refurbishment. We guarantee best services, lowest alloy wheel repair cost along with a quick turn out.

Cars for Sale:

Are you looking to sale your car  we are here to help you sale your cars at best prices as well as you can count on us for buying a fully tested and verified car of your choice. We Buy used cars, perform any or all required services to make them the best choice among cars for sales in UK.